MotionMetrix works with numerous development and distribution partners to be able to satisfy a global market. Here we present the core team behind the products.

Dr. Fredrik Gustavsson - CEO & Founder

Fredrik has over twenty years experience from R&D and innovation work at top research institutes and cutting-edge tech companies around the world. Running has always been an integral part of his life and in 2012, he fused his passion for technology innovation and running and started MotionMetrix. He had one goal in mind – to create a 3D gait analysis tool capable enough for biomechanics research yet simple and affordable enough for even the smallest clinics. It worked out very well and this is what characterizes all MotionMetrix products today, and tomorrow.

Dr. Erik Tholen - Development Lead

Erik has a PhD in Applied Physics and is a true multi-talented developer with seemingly limitless capacity. You can give Erik almost any project or task and he will make wonders with it. He joined the MotionMetrix team in 2015 and is the backbone of all coding and hardware activities. Erik has previously co-founded a company within nano-microscopy. In sports, Erik has many years of elite level experience from both volleyball and bandy. He enjoys running a lot and finished Stockholm Marathon a few years ago in 3:16.

Dr. Kristian Sandberg - Algorithms

Whenever things get too theoretically complex, we turn to Kristian. Kristian did his PhD + Post Doc in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Since 2004, he has helped many companies with computational solutions, for instance the movie industry in Hollywood. Kristian joined MotionMetrix in 2016 and is responsible for algorithm development in general and body tracking solutions in particular. Recently, Kristian wrote a handbook in computational solutions for engineers, a must have for anyone doing data analysis. In his youth, he was a capable mid-distance runner and now Kristian uses running as his sharpest problem solving tool.

Ms. Sc. Eng. Björn Rudlund - Sensors

With years of experience in advanced device development for the space and defense industry and a proven track record in innovative sensor solutions for cross-country skiing, Björn was the perfect guy to lead our sensor development activities that started in 2018. It is thanks to him that we today can convert any treadmill to a force-sensing treadmill (used in our Gen 2 markerless motion capture system) or offer custom wearable pod solutions for analyzing gait. Björn is a multisport talent and is a very capable cross-country skier, hockey player, and, of course, runner.