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Markerless 3D Motion Capture for Running

A complete biomechanical profile in less than a minute

For Professionals who want to base their work on facts

For Runners who seek the keys to efficient and injury free running



Recent News

MotionMetrix docks with the Big Belt at LIVI lab
MotionMetrix docks with the Big Belt at LIVI lab

The most impressive system integration so far: MotionMetrix docks with the “Big Belt” at the LIVI lab / Dalarna University. Only three of these beasts in the world. We...

MotionMetrix on Swedish television
MotionMetrix on Swedish television

Watch MotionMetrix’s CEO Fredrik Gustavsson (3rd from left) talk about running mechanics in the program “Vetenskapsstudion”, Saturday 5/11 at 8 p.m. on Kunskapskanalen (Swedish television). A short version of the...

New Release R2.0 out
New Release R2.0 out

A major release with tons of improvements and new features. For instance the totally new Speed Capacity rating that serves as an excellent complement to the Running Economy rating...

About MotionMetrix

Markerless 3D Motion Capture for Running – fast, easy and for everyone

Many tech-companies start up like this: 

– Now that we have this cool technology, what are we going to do with it? 

At MotionMetrix, we did it the other way around: 

– We want to make the world’s best running analyser that can be made available for everyone, what is the best technology for that?

That’s how we found depth sensing cameras. You don’t need to wear any body markers, you just need to step on the treadmill and run. In less than a minute, MotionMetrix provides your full biomechanical profile that reveals how efficient you are as a runner and if you exhibit any risks of getting injured.  We believe that this is the world’s most complete and easy to use 3D motion capture solution for running. What’s more, it’s affordable. 

MotionMetrix is a privately held company based in Lidingö, Sweden. It was founded in 2012 by Fredrik Gustavsson, PhD and runner.