About the products

All MotionMetrix products are built around the same basic concept – analysis of  treadmill walking or running gait using depth sensing cameras. Why depth sensing cameras? Because quality 3D motion data can be obtained without the need for body markers, making motion capture easier and faster than ever. What’s more, they are totally affordable. That’s why MotionMetrix is for everyone.

The motion capture part is just the beginning however. It’s what we do with the motion data that really makes the difference. MotionMetrix merges the capabilities of a biomechanics reserach lab with the simplicity of video analysis. Read more about our products to find out which one fits Your needs.

“What I like with MotionMetrix is that it feeds my intuition with numbers. What I like even more is that it helps me convince my customers that I’m right.”

Running coach and professional MotionMetrix user

3D Running Gait

A complete 3D running analysis and biomechanical profile in less than a minute without markers.

Running is basically the result of muscular forces acting on the body segments to produce forward motion. When these forces act in the optimal way, they generate an efficient running stride with balanced distribution of loads on the joints. When they don’t, the stride becomes uneasy and the injury risk increases.

Truly meaningful running gait assessment needs to involve the whole body and the forces acting on it. This is precisely what MotionMetrix 3D Running Gait system does. Using depth cameras allows quality motion data to be obtained without body markers, making motion capture easier and faster than ever.

MotionMetrix 3D Running Gait system covers all essential aspects of running mechanics featuring:

  • running economy based on total mechanical work and elastic energy exchange calculations
  • temporal and spatial stride parameters as well as ground reaction force
  • gait kinematics and joint loading for injury risk assessment
  • elite and normative data from database of over 50 000 runners
  • a unique runner profile assessment concept which allows prediction of speed performance, injury susceptibility, primary injury sites, etc.
  • before-after overlay comparison
  • data chart generation for over 60 parameters as function of speed
  • comprehensive PDF report and video file for results sharing
  • see more here…

Get started with tomorrow’s running performance assessment and injury prevention already today, contact us!


“I wish someone would have told me about this test already on the first day I decided to start running some more. There’s just so much to gain. Especially for those of you who are new to running or often get injured.”


3D Clinical Gait

Clinical Gait analysis refers to the systematic study of human walking to distinguish normal function from a pathological condition. MotionMetrix’s 3D Clinical Gait system provides a standard set of gait parameters in which most pathological conditions are reflected. Clinicians can therefore use it to efficiently screen for a variety of conditions and to follow up on corrective measures. Moreover, the Clinical Gait system has many more features that take advantage of the full 3D capabilities which allow for gait assessments previously only possible in advanced medical laboratories.


  • All relevant gait parameters from the standard work “Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function” by Jacquelin Perry
  • Center-of-mass trajectory in all three anatomical planes
  • Frontal plane hip and knee joint moments and angles
  • Sagittal plane hip and knee angles
  • Temporal and spatial stride variability parameters
  • Normative reference data
  • Before-after test overlay

The 3D Clinical Gait system uses the same hardware configuration as the 3D Running Gait system and the application software can either be used in combination with that or as standalone.  Contact us now to find out how to get started with quantitative 3D gait assessment in your clinic.


“The system is working well and the patients so far have been extremely impressed as well as how I have been able to extrapolate the data for clinical use” 

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

MotionMetrix G2 - functional shoe fitting for retail stores

Just released, our latest platform G2 is a razor sharp markerless 3D body tracker combined with a treadmill embedded force sensor that captures each Newton of force that you apply. That is what is takes to be able to truly distinguish your performance in one running shoe from another. With G2, this is now possible to do in your store.


  • Single depth sensing camera located behind the treadmill to save valuable space
  • Unique embeddable force sensor that converts any conventional treadmill to a force sensing treadmill
  • Immersive 3D running experience
  • Multiple customers can be managed in parallel
  • Shoes are rated with respect to:
    • Energy return: How much elastic energy you recycle with the shoe – critical for speed performance
    • Shock Absorption: How well the shoe cushions your impact – important for reducing injury risk
    • Stride Consistency: How compliant the shoe is with your habitual movement pattern
  • Web-based report with
    • A summary of the shoe performance
    • Your characteristic Runner Profile with automatic e-coach advice on how to improve your running technique
    • Knee (varus/valgus) and rearfoot (pronation/supination) assessment
    • Footstrike type (rear, mid or forefoot)

Join us to create a new norm within shoe fitting in retail, contact us for more information!

(video from Löplabbet®, a Swedish running specialty retailer using MotionMetrix G2)