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All MotionMetrix products are built around the same basic concept – analysis of  treadmill walking or running gait using depth sensing cameras. Why depth sensing cameras? Because quality 3D motion data can be obtained without body markers, making motion capture easier and faster than ever. What’s more, they are totally affordable.

That’s why MotionMetrix is for all. But that’s not all. The motion capture part is just the beginning. It’s what we do with the motion data that really makes the difference. MotionMetrix is Your own biomechanical reserach lab with the simplicity of video analysis. Read more about our products to find out which one fits Your needs.


“What I like with MotionMetrix is that it feeds my intuition with numbers. What I like even more is that it helps me convince my customers that I’m right.”

Running coach and professional MotionMetrix user

MotionMetrix Pro - markerless 3D running gait analysis

MotionMetrix Pro covers all essential aspects of running mechanics: economy of motion, gait parameters and joint loading. The system is easy to install and consists of  a computer terminal and two Kinect cameras that record 3D motion data of a runner on a treadmill. After a 30 second run at any preferred speed 9-20 km/h, a 3D segment model of the runner is generated together with a complete biomechanical running profile. The reporting structure is very easy to understand even if you are not that experienced.

A key parameter is MotionMetrix’s unique Running Economy (RE) index. RE is generally considered the no 1 predictor for long distance running performance. It is essentially a measure of how much energy it costs to move 1 kg of your body mass 1 m forward. Any corrections to your running stride will be reflected in the RE index and the lower the value the better. Stride parameters critical for RE are evaluated in relation to elite level performance.  A star rating guides you in the right direction.

For a deeper insight to the running stride, the Gait analysis section will most likely serve your needs. Here you will find detailed information about the symmetry and motion of the lower limbs at different stages of the stride and in different anatomic planes. A magnified view of the animated segment model is shown to serve as visual support to the parameters. As always with MotionMetrix, all parameter data are put in context by relating to elite performance or the normal population.


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“I wish someone would have told me about this test already on the first day I decided to start running some more. There’s just so much to gain. Especially for those of you who are new to running or often get injured.”


Over 50% of all runners will sustain a running-related injury each year of which half are knee injuries. While there may be many contributing factors to the development of an injury, it is ultimately the load applied to the lower limbs that is the trigger. No matter how experienced you are, there is no way to antipate the loading level by visual inspection or video analysis. You need MotionMetrix Pro for that.

The Joint Loading analysis in MotionMetrix Pro is based on inverse dynamics calculations which yield the net forces and moments acting on a joint. Focus is on the knee and hip joints. To assess if a joint loading variable may be harmful, it is compared with test results from over 600 runners. In addition, a built-in guide helps you to relate the joint loading variables to specific stride parameters. This allows you to make targeted stride corrections to alleviate a specific force or moment from harmful level to normal.

Welcome to the future of injury preventive work!



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“Knee pain has always stopped me from running as much as I would like to. I was amazed that MotionMetrix could spot a likely cause behind my problem. Now I know what I need to work on to overcome it.” 

Recreational runner and Training physiologist

MotionMetrix G2

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